Square Set

Our square set (SQR) cavity door system is supplied with pre-fitted Commercial grade PVC square edge finishing bead and can be supplied to suit either 10 or 13mm plasterboard wall lining. The system takes away the prehistoric necessity for the builder to supply and install their own reveals and setting beads therefore eliminating the onsite expense of additional materials and labour.

This system is ideally suited for achieving the clean modern look or for use on large scale project work.

PDF Files for Download

Single Timber (Straight)

Single Timber (L/H return)

Single Timber (R/H return)

Bi- Parting Timber

Single Glass (Straight)

Single Glass (L/H return)

Single Glass (R/H return)

Bi- Parting Glass

Installation Instructions

Installation Instructions for SQR Cavety Slider Type Timber T10 – T90 & Glass G10 – G90

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